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Diana’s Boys

Dianas boys Blog

Christian and Adam are Brothers who are doing the Virgin Money London Marathon this year together. They’re running for Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of their dear Mum Diana who sadly passed away from Pancreatic Cancer last January.

Their Mother had been ill for a year or so and after many check-ups she was finally diagnosed with Cancer . This was devastating for her and her family and the worst was still to come. After just a month of being diagnosed Diana sadly lost her battle – on Adam’s birthday. This was a shock for everyone and Christian and Adam said “Macmillan helped us to recognise the warning signs and they provided heartfelt honesty. They told us what to expect.”

Diana’s boys are turning such a shocking event in their life into something positive by training and running the Virgin Money London Marathon together, they’re hoping to run it in under 4 hours and have set a target of raising £5,000 for Macmillan. When asked what they imagine they’ll feel like when they cross the finish line their response was “we hope we made our Mum proud.”

You can show your support for Christian and Adam by donating on their Virgin Money Giving page 

Well done Virgin London Marathon runners!

Virgin London Marathon Finisher Medals

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the 2013 Virgin London Marathon! If you’ve woken up this morning and you’re still wearing your finisher medal it’s totally acceptable – you should be keeping it on for at least a week.

Now you’ve completed the run here’s 4 things you can do this week to boost your fundraising total

  1. Update your fundraising page with a photo from Sunday. The official Marathon Photo images will be available shortly, or if you had a friend take a photo at the start or the finish it will help show everyone you did it.

  2. Change the information on your page, let your supporters know how the run went, what time you did and how you feels to have run it.
  3. Send a quick email around to everyone you now – including people who’ve already donated. Let them know how much you’ve raised so far, what time you did, and how it went, and don’t forget to include a link to your page. You might get some repeat donations.
  4. You can download a finisher certificate with your time from the Virgin London Marathon, just put your details in here, you’ll find it just below your  marathon timings. It’s super useful to let everyone know you’ve finished.

We’d love to hear how it went for you, let us know by leaving a comment below.

Virgin London Marathon infographic

Everyone knows the Virgin London Marathon is 26.2 miles long but there are lots of other numbers behind the iconic event.

Our friends at Virgin Money have packaged some of them up in this handy infographic.

Virgin London Marathon infographic

These London Marathon Runners will stand out from the crowd

Guinness World Record Attemptees

As if running 26.2 miles wasn’t difficult enough, this bunch of runners are planning on making the Virgin London Marathon that little bit more challenging by wearing fancy dress and in the process raising money for lots of good causes.

If you’re spectating on Sunday keep your eyes peeled for ‘Foamy’ the fire extinguisher, a giant shoe, a chef, a Gorilla and a newly-married couple wearing wedding dresses. They’re just some of the characters challenging their respective Guinness World Records.

Newly-married couple Sophie and Toby McCorry from Rochester hope to cross the finish line ‘threshold’ together in 3:41:40 to break the Guinness World Record. Their training has been going well, ‘regular cross-dresser’ Toby has been helping Sophie complete the long runs, with only one breakdown in a Wickes car park! They both see Sunday as a “great way of showing their commitment to each other”.

Chef Chris Wheeler is a dab hand at running the London Marathon whilst ‘cooking’, he tossed a pancake for 26.2 miles 7 years ago. This year he’s carrying a 3kg stockpot along the route to raise money for Help a Capital Child. Chris got his place by winning a Capital FM competition, he’s running for the Breakfast Team and to clinch the Guinness World Record he needs to cook his way to the finish line within 5 hours.

Redhead Susie Hewer is trying to improve on her existing record this year for the “Longest Scarf Knitted Whilst Running a Marathon”. Susie started running 8 years ago and this will be her 31st marathon. She says it all started when a friend told her to ‘start acting her age’ so she took up knitting! Not sure her friend meant running whilst knitting. The record to beat isn’t about time it’s about length, Susie needs to beat her own record of 1 metre 62cm.

All of the fundraisers will be wearing their black ribbons on Sunday to show their support for the Boston Marathon. When asked about the events in Boston they all re-iterated the same message: “the fantastic spectacle of the Virgin London Marathon must go on. What happened on Monday just makes us more determined to complete the London Marathon and our record breaking challenges.”

Win £250 for your charity – on stage at the Virgin London Marathon Expo

Ore Oduba on stage

If you’ve already collected your 2013 Virgin London Marathon race number, you might have spent some time at the ‘Pasta Party’ in the Virgin area at Expo.

All through the day a number of speakers take to the stage giving you race details, hydration advice, and pacer information to help you get around (full schedule here) including a number of celeb runners. You might have caught our ‘Higher or Lower’ game too.

Higher Lower participants

Anyone who’s running can take part, you just need to pick up one of the huge red arrows being handed out as the game starts. our host Ore Oduba (from BBC Sport and Newsround) will be on stage guiding you though the game – simply guess whether the next runner number shown on the big screen will be higher or lower than the last one using your arrow.

The last runner left in the game will receive a £250 donation to the charity of their choice.

There’s still time to win, the approx timings for Friday & Saturday’s ‘Higher or Lower’ games are below (listen out for announcements in the Expo).

  • Friday – 13:25
  • Friday – 16:45
  • Friday – 18:35
  • Saturday – 11:40
  • Saturday – 13.00
  • Saturday – 15:10

Terms and Conditions apply (which are printed on the arrows in Expo).

9 things not to miss at the Virgin London Marathon Expo

Are you visiting the Virgin London Marathon Expo this year to collect that vital Race Number? We’ve put together a list of ‘Must Visits’ so you don’t miss out on something exciting.

  1. Collect your race number and timing chip (sounds obvious but it’s super important for Sunday).Race Number Collection
  2. Stock up on Virgin London Marathon adidas Kit.Marathon Kit
  3. Vest Printing – there’s nothing like having someone cheer your name to get an extra bit of motivation.T-Shirt Printing
  4. Fundraising For Charity? Lots of the charities have their own stands so why not pop along and say hello, lots of them have cheering materials so your friends and supporters can make lots of noise, and you can find out where their cheering zone is on the course too.Cancer Research Charity Stand
  5. Lucozade pacing band – want to keep a check on your Marathon pace as you’re running? Lucozade can give you a printed wristband with your finish time and mile splits.Pace timing bands
  6. The race day helpdesk – If you’ve got any last minute marathon questions stop by the Help Desk, the knowledgeable team can answer any of your questionsThe Help Desk
  7. Pasta Party – After all that walking around you’ll need to refuel, why not visit the pasta party, take a seat and relax in front of the stage to get some last minute hints and tips on how to make the most of your Virgin London Marathon.Check out the full stage schedule here.Pasta Party Stage
  8. Virgin Money Giving Photo Booth – while you’re looking as fresh as a daisy, visit our Photo Booth and get your pre-race shot posted to Facebook or Twitter.The Virgin Money Giving photobooths
  9. T-shirt and goody bag collection – don’t forget to pick up your newly printed t-shirt or vest on your way out, you’ll need that on Race Day.
    Goody Bag & T-shirt collection

Best of luck for  everyone who’s running on Sunday. we’ll also be out on the course to cheer you all along!

Raise Mo’ money with inspiration from the British contenders


As photo calls go that was the most hectic of the week so far, but we always knew it would be with a certain special guest present – Mo Farah. Lining up alongside our British hopefuls Scott Overall and Amy Whitehead, Mo was in very good spirits, he even joked that being surrounded by photographers was “like being at a football match”.

After the exciting photo shoot it was time to ask questions in the press conference. The room was packed wall to wall with cameramen and journalists all eager to hear from the British stars.

We started with an excitable Mo who’s looking forward to testing the London Marathon course in anticipation for taking on the distance in the future. And when asked what he’ll do when he drops out at half way his response was “come back in and finish watching it on TV”.

Finishing first Brit is top of Scott Overall’s agenda. He says after training with Mo and spending the winter in Iten, Kenya he feels in good shape but doesn’t want to commit to a predicted time.

“Hazardous Amy”, nicknamed as she’s so clumsy and still has ‘baby brain’, didn’t mind revealing her target time. Currently her personal best is 2.33.44 from the Manchester Marathon but she’s gunning for sub 2.31 (World Championship qualifying time) and says that anything over that and she’d be disappointed. And with all her family coming to London to watch her in what she calls the “best marathon in the world for atmosphere” she’s hoping to impress.

Mo was asked if he suffers from ‘Baby Brain’ too, to which his response was, “no, I really enjoy having a young family and love being a parent. The only drawback is I get less time on Fifa!”

The streets of London are sure to be packed during Sunday’s race, cheering on all our British Contenders and Mo, so make the most of the “best marathon atmosphere in the world” to get you to the finish line. And don’t forget to hassle your friends and family for donations once you’ve completed your personal challenge.



And here’s the third one in our series, from Justin Khan. He’s originally from Canada but now lives in the UK and is running the Virgin London Marathon in memory of his Grandma ‘Jaidy’. To catch up on the first 2 blogs just visit

In 2012, Jaidy became ill and unfortunately passed away, this was a difficult time for Justin who described it as not only losing a Grandma but his best friend too. The tough times were only just starting though as it was at this time he found out his Grandma was suffering from depression.

Justin decided to run the Virgin London Marathon for Team Run For It in memory of his Grandma and fundraise for Age UK and YouthNet. This way he could channel his passion for running and help other elderly people who feel alone so they didn’t have to go through what Jaidy did.

He says: “April 21 2013 will be a very emotional and challenging day…it is race day and it is Jaidy’s 81st birthday. Every mile will be for my Grandma and the elderly who feel alone, whether in the UK or elsewhere. At mile 22 when I feel like giving up, I will try and crack a smile and finish strong at mile 26.”

To help Justin crack a smile at mile 26 you can show your support and donate to his fundraising page at Khan.

The Virgin London Marathon Celebrity Team

Virgin London Marathon Celebs

There’s an exciting celebrity line-up for this year’s Virgin London Marathon, whether you’re running or spectating get ready to do some serious celeb spotting. We caught up with some of them at the press conference today and what they’re looking forward to most on Race Day.

4 former professionals started the press conference proceedings today with Andrew Strauss, Kelly Sotherton, Iwan Thomas and James Toseland taking to the stage.

It’s Andrew Strauss‘ first time tackling the marathon distance. He did all his training with his Wife and said “the training was hard but exciting, it was great to share the experience with my Wife”. He’s going for a nimble time of 3 hours 35 minutes and says the competition’s on with his other half.

Kelly Sotherton and Iwan Thomas both showed their competitive fighting spirit, and Kelly vowed to try to “beat Iwan in a sprint finish on Birdcage Walk”. It’s Kelly’s first Marathon whereas Iwan has the Virgin London Marathon bug, this year it’s his 4th year of taking part and he’s going for his quickest time yet.

Former English Motorcycle Racer James Toseland is nearly up there with the elites. He’s one of the quickest celebrities we spoke tothis year, his ‘dream time’ is sub 3 hours! His current Personal Best is 3 hours 14 minutes so he’s not far off.

Celebs first round interviews

Next up on the stage was TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) Star Amy Childs, Actress Amanda Mealing and BBC News Presenter Mike Bushell.

Amy started training in December and although she didn’t like the early 6am starts, she said she always felt excited and good when she had finished her runs and is really looking forward to Sunday’s race. The finish photo for Amy is going to be one of the most glamorous yet, she’s carrying a pouch with “just a few essentials – lip gloss, jelly babies and a mobile phone”.

Breast Cancer Ambassador Amanda Fleming had a head on car crash last week, but says she’s still fit and ready for the Virgin London Marathon at the weekend. She says it’s “great to see London come together in a positive way”, especially after the tragedy of Boston Marathon.

For Mike Bushell you’d think the London Marathon would seem a breeze compared to the extreme sports he ‘tests’ for the BBC but he says he’s “very excited” and “looking forward to the one event in the World when mere mortals can run in the same race as the elites”.

Celebs second round interviews

All the celebrities were united in sending their condolences to the Boston Marathon and they’ll all be parading their black ribbons to show their support on Race Day.

Good luck to all of the celebs and good luck spotting them, let us know if you see one.

Running the Virgin London Marathon in Memory of Our Parents


The second Fundraiser Story in our series is from Sue Higgins and you can catch up on the first one here.

After hitting The Big 4-0 ten years ago, Sue enjoyed running the London Marathon so much she thought she’d do it again for her 50th.

Sue’s running in memory of her Dad, Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law, who all unfortunately passed away within 5 weeks of each other. Her whole family miss them greatly and as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for all their support over the years Sue thought the best way would be to run the 26.2miles for them and raise money for Age UK and YouthNet.

The last few months have been tough for Sue and her family but she says the London Marathon and all the training involved to get to the start line has been “something positive to focus on”. She says the training has been very hard but knows it will all be worth it when she crosses the finish line.

To show your support to Sue and help her reach her £2,000 target you can donate at

Go for it Sue!

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