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Lnsey and Marc - Marathon

We’re making our marathon run even harder by being the very last to leave and trying to overtake as many other runners as possible.

As we’ll literally be ‘running late’ we’ve decided to dress up in pyjamas and dressing gowns for the run so we should be quite easy for spectators to spot. We’re going to wait until everyone else has crossed the starting line before we set off – then we’ll be doing our best to overtake as many other runners as possible along the way.

Adding this extra challenge to our marathon run is hopefully a way to inspire people to give us extra support. On our page we’re telling everyone that if they give us at least £5 they can have a guess at how many people we’ll overtake on the day. Anyone can have a go and help us reach our target of £3,000 for the Round Table Children’s Wish charity.

On the day we’re going to give it everything we’ve got and we’ll be running together so we can support each other. When we cross the finish line the microchips in our shoes will tell us the result and we’re going to give a magnum of Harrod’s champagne to the winner – so we won’t be the only ones celebrating at the end!

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