Updating our Terms and Conditions

Virgin Money GivingWe’re making some changes to the Virgin Money Giving terms and conditions.

The new terms will come into effect on 17 October 2010 for new charities and all fundraisers. For charities already live on virginmoneygiving.com they’ll come into effect on 17 December 2010.

We’ve updated the following:

  • In line with feedback we’ve received from charities, the fundraiser terms and conditions have been updated to clarify that Virgin Money Giving isn’t responsible for requests for donations to go to a specific cause or fund within a charity (also known as restrictive funding). In this case, it’s up to the fundraiser to arrange it with the charity directly.
  • To protect the privacy of young people online, we’re bringing in a minimum age limit of 13 years to create a Virgin Money Giving account. People under this age that wish to, can still fundraise using Virgin Money Giving if a responsible adult creates a fundraising account on their behalf.
  • As the Payment Service Directive is now fully in force, we’ve highlighted our compliance with this within the terms and conditions.
  • The charges charities pay to use the Virgin Money Giving service have now been included, but you’ve probably already seen them in the ‘about us‘ section.
  • We’ve added protection for charities, fundraisers and Virgin Money Giving to the permission granted for the reuse of ‘intellectual properly’ and content added to the Virgin Money Giving website.

In addition our Privacy Policy has been updated to provide further information about security, in particular payment card data security and our compliance with leading industry best practice including PCI DSS.

We will add the terms and conditions to the Virgin Money Giving website on 17 October.

If you have any questions please contact our helpdesk team at theteam@virginmoneygiving.com.

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