Updates today to Virgin Money Giving

Virgin Money GivingToday Sunday 27 February we’re making some exciting improvements to the Virgin Money Giving website and adding new tools to help you promote your fundraising. As a result virginmoneygiving.com will be unavailable between 09:30 and 19:30

The new features we’re introducing include:

  • Enabling your supporters to make donations through their Paypal account.
  • Making it easy to share your fundraising page using Facebook Connect.
  • Adding Twitter tools to help you tweet a link to your fundraising page.
  • Enabling your supporters to tweet and update their Facebook status with a link to your fundraising page once they have donated.
  • Enhancing our email tools to help you thank people who have donated and follow-up with people who haven’t.

If there are any other features you’d like us to add to Virgin Money Giving in the future please let us know by emailing feedback@virginmoneygiving.com

Update @ 16:39 27/02/2011
Today’s release has completed ahead of schedule. The Virgin Money Giving website is now fully available again.

3 Responses to “Updates today to Virgin Money Giving”

  1. 1 Ian Crawford February 27, 2011 at 1:17 pm


    This is a bit frustrating as I didn’t know the site was going to be down (for a whole day!) and so we’ve just e-mailed 350 supporters asking them to donate online and most of them will be following the link today but won’t be able to donate.

    There have been a few times recently that the site has been down and it’s discouraging me from using it in future for events. Please can you let me know why VMG requires a full day and seems to have the site down a lot more than any other similar sites?



  2. 2 Antony (Virgin Money Giving) February 27, 2011 at 2:18 pm

    Hi Ian

    We can understand your frustration and apologise for the inconvenience. From time to time when we introduce changes to the Virgin Money Giving website we need to make the site unavailable for a period of time. We always aim to do this at a time that will cause the least disruption to fundraisers and charities using our website. The nature of the changes we’re introducing both to the website and the systems behind it have meant we need a longer period than normal this time.

    Because of the length of the maintenance period we contacted all charities and current fundraisers by email on Tuesday last week as well as posting details on both our twitter and Facebook pages, and here on the blog.

    We’re working to complete the update as quickly as we can and as soon as we’ve finished will make the website available again.

    Virgin Money Giving

  3. 3 David Wood February 28, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Nice to see the new tools, and well done on getting it done ahead of schedule!

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