So, you’ve completed your challenge. What now?

Holly and Richard Branson watching runners finish the 2011 Virgin London Marathon

After weeks of preparation and training you’ve finally completed your fundraising challenge. And all the time leading up to your event you’ve been frantically fundraising… so what do you need to do now you’ve run, cycled, walked, swam, hiked, skydived, given up chocolate, or shaved your head?

  1. Update your page
    Now you’ve completed your event, why not update the photo on your fundraising page, and bring your story up to date. Let everyone know how it went, how tough it was, and how much you enjoyed or hated it!
  2. Ask for sponsorship one last time
    With an updated page and a photo of you wearing your medal or completing the event, there’s no doubting you actually did it.  Anyone who was holding off donating has no excuse now, so send one last email or re-post a link to your page on Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Pay your donations to your charity
    All of the money you’ve raised on your Virgin Money Giving page will be paid straight to the charity automatically. We do this as soon as we receive the money from your donors so there’s nothing you need to do. If you’ve collected any offline fundraising you need to make sure you pay this to your charity too. You can either pay it into your fundraising page yourself, or forward it onto your charity. You’ll find details on how to contact your charity by clicking their logo on your fundraising page.
  4. Close or extend your page
    If you’ve finished fundraising your page will automatically close to new donations 3 months after the event date (unless you chose longer when you created your page). You can change this at any time, or re-open your page if it’s closed from within your account. There’s no need to close your Virgin Money Giving account, just sign in again and create a new page next time you’re fundraising.
  5. The next challenge?
    So now your event is over you might be looking for the next challenge. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help you find what you could do next. If you’re looking for your next running event why not browse the listings with our friends at Runners World, or if you fancy taking your fundraising overseas there are plenty of challenge providers that can take you to Kilimanjaro, across deserts, or along the Great Wall of China. Details of what they offer can be found in our ‘raise more‘ section.

Either way we look forward to helping you raise money for your next fundraising adventure.

2 Responses to “So, you’ve completed your challenge. What now?”

  1. 1 iyad January 10, 2013 at 9:22 am

    mmm… I’d like the page closed and not available for public view anymore. is such an option available?

  2. 2 Anna McDougall July 24, 2014 at 10:28 pm

    My event was about 2 months ago so I went to close my page, but I accidentally closed my account. Will the money I’ve raised go to my designated charity or do I somehow have to reactivity my account to make sure this happens?

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