5 tips to get your Virgin Money Giving page working harder

Virgin London Marathon page

Just created your Virgin Money Giving page? Here are 5 things to get your page working harder for you.

If you were successful in the Virgin London Marathon ballot, or have been offered a place by your charity, getting your fundraising up and running is something to start thinking about right now.

It’s really easy to create a fundraising page – in just a few minutes you can be ready to accept donations. But to make the most of your page and to give your fundraising the best start follow our top 5 tips:

  1. Ensure your page has your photo on it. It will help your friends and family know they’re in the right place to make a donation. If your charity has offered you a running vest or t-shirt, why not use a photo of you wearing it.
  2. Set a target. Giving your supporters an indication of how much you’re looking to raise may help them decide how much to donate. Your charity may have set you a target – adding it to your page will let everyone know how much you need to raise.
  3. Tell your story. Make sure you update the default text on your page. Let everyone know what you’re doing, and why it’s going to be a challenge. If there’s a personal connection to your chosen charity,  share it with your supporters.
  4. Tell your charity’s story. Your supporters might not know as much about your charity as you do, let everyone know what they do and what they can achieve with the donations. Your charity will be able to help you with this.
  5. Seed your first donation. Nobody likes to be the first so encourage a close/generous friend or family member to put the first donation on your page. Make sure it’s a good one as your other supporters may take this as the ‘going rate’ and increase the amount they choose to donate .

If you’re running the Virgin London Marathon make sure you get your page created and start fundraising by 31 October, as we’ll be selecting one lucky Virgin Money Giving fundraiser and giving their Marathon experience an exclusive VIP upgrade.

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