Charities on Google Plus

Charities on Google Plus

If you keep upto date with the latest news in the world of Social Media you will have heard that Google’s latest addition to their challenger to Facebook now allows businesses, organisations, brands, and charities to create their own page on the service much like on Facebook.

Google Plus Charity Circle

Sylwia Presley from Voice posted an interesting blog observing that Save the Children were one of the first UK charities to create their Google+ Page, and followed it up with a more in depth piece looking at what it means for charities on UKFundraising.

We’ve seen fundraisers using Google+ to share the link of their Virgin Money Giving fundraising page with their friends too.

The first donation to come from someone clicking a link in Google+ was back on the 8 July, just 11 days after Google first announced the service!

To add us to your circles on Google+ you’ll find Virgin Money Giving’s page here. And the charities we’ve found so far are in our Charities Circle. Let us know if your charity has joined and we’ll add you too

If your charity wants to get started you’ll find details on how to create a page at

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