What to do if you have to defer your Virgin London Marathon

2012 Virgin London Marathon

We’ve had a couple of fundraisers ask us, so we thought it might be worth pulling together some information on what to do if the unthinkable happens – you have to withdraw from the 2012 Virgin London Marathon.

Deferring to next year’s marathon will be different depending on where you received your place from. You’ll find the full advice on what you have to do with your race place in the latest 2012 Virgin London Marathon News (on page 23), but here’s our quick guide on what to do if you’ve been raising money for charity.

  • Ballot place runners that haven’t deferred before need to complete this form (you have until 21 April) to arrange to move your place to next year’s race.
  • If you received your place from a charity, or through a partner/sponsor of the event you will need to check with them directly to see if your place can be deferred.

If you didn’t get your place from a charity, make sure they know you’re deferring to next year’s race.

Runners who can defer their place will receive an email link for the 2013 entry form by 1 June 2012. If you’ve not received an email by this date, then call the London Marathon team on 0207 902 0200. The closing date for completion of the online ill or injured form is 5pm 24 June 2012.

Once you know your place has been transferred to next year’s event there are a few things you should do with your fundraising page:

  1. Close your 2012 Virgin London Marathon page and open a new one for the 2013 event – this will help your charity know which event you’re fundraising for. Make sure you don’t close your account – just your 2012 Virgin London Marathon page.
  2. Update the ‘offline’ total on your new page to show the amount you had raised so far (include the Gift Aid amount).
  3. Add a note to the ‘my story’ area of your page to let your supporters know you’ve deferred, and that you’re still fundraising.
  4. It’s also a good idea to email all your donors to let them know that you’re not running this year.

The link to create a Virgin Money Giving page for the 2013 Virgin London Marathon is here.

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