2011: Broken back….2012: Fought back!

On 15 April Vicky and Anna started their epic 8 marathons in 8 days journey with the Paris Marathon for Backup and Aspire.

Now, some 200+ miles later across France and England the duo have finished their journey and they caught up with us to let us know how the last leg of their journey – the Virgin London Marathon, went:

Highlight(s) of the day: Our final day on the challenge was filled with high points: Meeting Denise Lewis (and having our t-shirts signed by her!); being cheered by many friends, family and members of the public along the route; being on national TV and radio; crossing the finish line after our 8th marathons; and finally, the great celebrations in the pub at the end.

Low point of the day: Realising our support crew wasn’t with us with every step of the way for the first time (although this was made up for by the thousands of people cheering and handing out sweets).

Quote of the day: Anna at mile 25.5 – “Vix…we are actually going to do this”

The end was in sight as the girls made their way across the capital towards Greenwich and the start of the Virgin London Marathon. In their exhausted state, the girls were very thankful that friend and fellow ‘marathonette’, Charlie Macdonald, was there to guide the way. The sun was shining and Radio 5 Live was awaiting the girls as they hobbled to the start line. As the London Marathon commenced, the girls had the privilege of being on national radio to tell their story! It was then just a matter of getting through another 26.2miles and having as much fun as possible on route to round off this mammoth challenge.

With their legs covered in support tape, limping and looking slightly dishevelled, the girls had some signs made to try and explain to fellow runners that they weren’t just ill-prepared and had actually just run 7 of these already. This summed up a great amount of support from runners who offered their well wishes and luck for the final leg.

The day was incredible and thanks must go to all those who came out to support. A 26.2 mile run is never easy and this was proven by all those who were walking, especially as the miles clocked up. The girls rhythmic trot took them steadily on past those who had run out of steam and each step took them closer towards the finish. London had a wonderful carnival-like atmosphere, with food and supplies being handed out everywhere; from custard creams and jelly babies, to bananas and even beer from one merry supporter!

On Tower Bridge Vicky spotted Denise Lewis an the girls made a b-line for her and the camera crew. 20 minutes later, they had met Denise, had an interview and got their t-shirts signed.

The final few miles were, as always, painful but this time less of a chore and the girls were savouring every moment running by the Thames, Big Ben and finally, the Mall. Holding hands, with parents screaming congratulations from the grandstand, the team crossed the finish line (as always in the rain!). Hugs and tears were shared, but both were speechless. The challenge had been conquered.

2011: Broken back….2012: Fought back!

A huge THANK YOU to everybody who has supported, sponsored and helped us in every way. We really could not have done it without you.

Best wishes and we hope you’ve enjoyed this challenge as much as we have.

Vicky and Anna.

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  1. 1 Natalie April 25, 2012 at 5:00 pm

    Remarkable and inspirational. You are both truly amazing people. Well done ladies. That journey is now over, I’m sure your be looking for the next challenge! Good luck and continue to live life to the full! X

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