Making more from Reporting

Throughout May the Virgin Money Giving charity support team have been catching up with our member charities. We’ve already held a few sessions in London and Manchester and we’ll be making our way to Newcastle very soon.

We’ve been talking reporting, events, best practice and sharing insight and knowledge from the Virgin Money Giving website.

From speaking with various charities – large and small – we received a fair few questions about reporting, so here are some hints that we hope will help.

Fundraisers and events

To manage fundraisers and events, sign into your reporting and use Reporting > Flexible Reports > Fundraising Pages. This report will show you a full list of all fundraising pages, any contact details, the event the fundraisers are undertaking, and how much the event has raised. The report also shows you how they are doing against any target you’ve set.

Reconciling donations

To check what have we paid into your bank account go to Reporting > Standard Reporting > Payments. The report is filed under Statement Summary and shows you the payments you have received and gives a breakdown on donation, Gift Aid or both.

Once you know what has been paid you can see the detail making up the payment for your finance reconciliation. Have a look in Reporting > Flexible Reporting > Payments. There are two reports, one for donations and one for Gift Aid (depending on which you have received you will use one or both of these reports). This will show you who made the donations, whose page it was made to and how much it was for.

Standard Reports

We also got asked about Standard Reports. These are fixed in place and are available for quick reference. They can be printed out but can’t be exported as spreadsheets.

For a more detailed picture the flexible reports hold much more information and they can be edited to suit your needs or used as a spreadsheet. You can also edit any flexible report to only include the information you are interested in.

Looking up Fundraiser details

If you want to quickly find the details of a fundraiser, you can sign into your charity account and click on Reporting and Manually Allocate Report Codes. Using this screen you can search for a fundraiser, get their contact details and view their page in just a few clicks.

If you missed out on our workshops we can set up a Webex sessions so that you can see our screen as we go through your questions and get you set up for using the site. If you would be interested in one of these sessions contact or contact us on 08456 10 10 45.

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  1. 1 Andy Swarbrick May 29, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    Sad these features are only available to charities! I would suggest that any team entry needs these same features. My team has 32 participants, and I miss this kind of reporting badly.

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