Climbing Kili for the Children’s Hospital

In October, Mitchell Scott and two of his friends will be tackling Mount Kilimanjaro, raising money for The Evelina Children’s Hospital. Mitchell takes up the story:

“In December 2010 my daughter Ellie Mai was diagnosed with chronic renal failure. She was immediately admitted to The Evelina Children’s Hospital, where she spent most of the next fourteen months of her young life.

Ellie Mai needed to undergo regular dialysis to keep her body functioning while she prepared for a kidney transplant.

I have stayed there myself many times looking after Ellie and I got a very clear first hand view of what it’s like on a day to day basis.

What struck me and other parents in my position about the Evelina is how much laughter and positivity you could hear around the place.

Whenever I left the hospital I felt such a need to want to give something back to the people that fixed my little girl.

Which is why you are reading this right now.

On 10 October myself and two friends will be attempting to trek to the summit of Kilimanjaro to raise large amounts of cash for The Evelina.

We have lots of fundraising days planned leading up to the actual climb.

The three of us attempting the climb are all middle aged men that most certainly could not be described as athletes. We’ve already put ourselves on a strict diet and fitness program in preparation.

To say that we have a mountain to climb in terms of our fitness is an understatement.

But, we are not going to Africa to fail.

We intend to show the same determination, courage and focus as Ellie Mai and all the staff and patients at The Evelina.

The work carried out at the Evelina has inspired us to set about raising as much money as possible to enable other parents like myself to be gifted with a beautiful, healthy daughter.

The fact is that without the The Evelina Children’s Hospital, Ellie Mai, and children like her would not be here today.”

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