Tackling 26 sports for CAMFED

In just a few hours the Olympic countdown will be over and the games will begin. We’ve seen lots of fundraisers take up sporting challenges over the past few months inspired by sporting heroes, from cyclists keen to follow in the tyre marks of Bradley Wiggins, to runners looking to complete the marathon distance.

Samantha and Corné Vermaak are taking on 26 sports over the next few weeks – raising money for charity and competing against each other. We heard from Samantha:

“My husband (Corné) and I are raising money for CAMFED by taking each other on in as many of the 26 Olympic Sports as we can. The idea is that we find someone who loves their sport who will coach us for one/a few hours – and then adjudicate our match! I came up with the idea because we ran a 10k relay-around-the-world last year and I needed something that outdid that!

“So far we’ve completed volleyball (which we normally play so that one was easy), boxing (our first time boxing), fencing (first time), badminton, judo (first time; we had six lessons and got our red belt grading before our match), and triathlon (our first ever, which we completed recently).

“Additionally we ran the London 10k on the 8 July as part of our Modern Pentathlon. We’ve also got rowing, dressage, swimming, cycling and athletics lined up, and just need to set dates for basketball and football – and in the meantime we’re still trying to convince people to teach us the rest of the sports on the list!

“Sadly for me, Corné is currently 4-2 up on our overall medal table, but there’s plenty of time for me to catch him yet.

“We’re aiming to raise £1,000 for CAMFED, a great charity that helps girls in Africa stay in school, get their education, and hopefully get out of poverty – while both men and women face difficulties in poverty, worldwide it is estimated that 70% of people in poverty are female.

“We have a blog about our Challenge and a Facebook page both of which have photos and updates about our training and matches as well as links to all the people who have helped us in our Challenge – we’ve been continually amazed and humbled by everyone’s generosity in terms of their time and effort to help us with our Challenge, as well as all the sponsorship and encouraging words.”

You can keep up to date with our challenge and sponsor us on our Virgin Money Giving page.

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