Taking to the skies

Fundraiser Graham Machin completed his sky dive earlier this month. Raising money for the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance we heard from him as he took on the ‘Jump weekend.’

“As I start driving up towards Netheravon on a very dark, wet, dreary morning, I’m starting to wish I had done this earlier in the year.

“I find the reception and check in, seeing three other guys standing there I ask them if they are first timers? ‘No this is my third, fourth and seventh’ come back the three replies – I’m starting to feel like the child who has just started school halfway through term and walked into an already well established classroom.

“I enter into the huge hanger which is already buzzing and meet my instructor Mark.

“Training is carried out in typical military fashion by constantly repeating everything over and over. By lunchtime all I can hear in my head is me answering Mark’s questions; how should your canopy be? BIG!! What shape should it be? RECTANGULAR!!

“The final part of training is a written test, but its multiple choice so either it all has sunk in or I’m guessing good as I get full marks.

“Chatting in the bar that evening a lot of these skydivers had jumped three or four times today. I can only liken it to going on an amusement park ride and as soon as you come off rushing around to the back of the queue to go again.

“I’m really excited about my jump.”

We’ll hear from Graham again soon as he takes to the skies for his jump.

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