Our five Virgin Money Giving highlights of 2012

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Looking back it’s been a fantastic year at Virgin Money Giving, and we’re really excited about what 2013 is going to bring! We’ve been thinking about some of our best bits of 2012…

Bucking the trend in donations

Back in November the annual CAF report was published highlighting a 20% decrease in donations through the year. And we were really pleased to see that on-line donations through Virgin Money Giving have been bucking that trend. In 2012 we’ve seen a26% increase in the value of donations!

Big numbers from our community of fundraisers

In this year alone we’ve seen over £69 million donated to charities* (up until 13 December) through Virgin Money Giving, and we’ve reclaimed over £11m in Gift Aid from the Taxman.

And what’s even more significant than those big charity donation numbers, is because Virgin Money Giving is not-for-profit, £2.26 million more has been received by our member charities.

Working with our member charities

Our Charity Help Desk has been super busy in 2012.

We’ve held over 150 free on-line webinars with our member charities to get the most of the Virgin Money Giving. And we’ve put on 31 free charity workshops in Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Norwich & London, where we’ve got lots of you in the room and shared tips, best practice, and collected your feedback.

And we’ll be doing more of that next year!

Making your mark

We’ve run lots of competitions through the year for fundraisers using Virgin Money Giving, including donation prizes for Royal Parks Half Marathon, Great North & South Run, and Virgin London Marathon.

And after all the excitement over the summer we’ve been offering a £2012 donation each month through October, November & December. Not forgetting we’re currently giving away free Kit Bag’s for fundraising Virgin London marathon runners.

Growing our family

And finally, but most importantly through 2012 over 1,700 new charities have joined the Virgin Money Giving community.

We’re very excited to have them on board and look forward to welcoming many more charities next year!

* Figure includes Gift Aid, up to 13/12/12

If the £69 million raised through Virgin Money Giving this year was raised through JustGiving instead, £2.26 million less would have reached charities. This is based on the average Gift Aid reclaim rate and the overall mix of payment types on Virgin Money Giving.

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