200 miles in running events in 2012, even more this year!


Some fundraisers have really got the running bug!

Not content with tackling 200 miles in events in 2012, Helen Crossland has set herself an awe-inspiring challenge for 2013.

We heard from Helen about her journey:

“In 2009 I decided I would get back into running as I used to enjoy all the sports and events at school.

Getting back into running a good 20 years older wasn’t going to be easy and just like any beginner I found the thought of even attempting to run 5 kilometres an absolutely daunting task.

I knew I would put of any training if I could so I booked myself into some local events to make myself train.  The embarrassment of walking the finish line was not going to happen, I would make it and I will finish whilst running.  My stubborn personality has seen my ability to run long distance go from strength to strength.

If anyone had even hinted that I would be running a marathon in 2013 I would have laughed and called them bonkers for even thinking such a thing.

“It’s now 3 years later and I’ve run various local events of 5 kilometre, 10 kilometre and last year I even got to do more than one half marathon.  That’s 22 kilometres or 13.1 miles.  Either way – it’s a very long way to run.

“This is my second year at this whole fundraising stuff.  2012 I managed to complete over 200 miles of events.

“This year I’ve set myself a much bigger challenge.  Completing all those events in 2012 was hard work.  How could I continue to earn donations by entering running events and keep it a challenge?  I wanted to show that I am going to work much harder this year.

“My 2013 challenge is 5 Marathons (26.2 miles) and 2 Ultra’s (50 miles).  This takes the event mileage to over 300 miles for this year.  To run 26 miles only once is daunting but to attempt it five times in a year has got to be a challenge worth some hard earned pennies.  For those who don’t think 26 miles is far enough the Ultra’s will hopefully show I’m utterly bonkers!

“Milton Keynes Marathon in May 2013 will be my first attempt at marathon distance in an event.

“It’s not going to be easy this year and I want to show that I’m going to earn every penny of donation towards the four charities I’ve selected this year.

  • Make a Wish foundation – having children myself I completely support this idea for the children and their families to have those special moments to cherish.  Nuff said.  I’m welling up with tears.
  • RSPCA – To help them support animals.  I donate to them monthly already and I will for a as long as I can.
  • RNLI – Unsung heroes to our rivers and coastlines.  I will do my best to raise a few pennies for you guys.
  • Cancer Research – Since I started running I have raised money for them each year.  This year I’m doing it through Virgin Money Giving and I hope whatever money I raise will continue the fight against cancer.

There’s not much more I can say other than I’m going to try my hardest to beat last years fundraising effort.

Thank you Virgin for setting up fundraising pages like this to help.”

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