The Virgin London Marathon Celebrity Team

Virgin London Marathon Celebs

There’s an exciting celebrity line-up for this year’s Virgin London Marathon, whether you’re running or spectating get ready to do some serious celeb spotting. We caught up with some of them at the press conference today and what they’re looking forward to most on Race Day.

4 former professionals started the press conference proceedings today with Andrew Strauss, Kelly Sotherton, Iwan Thomas and James Toseland taking to the stage.

It’s Andrew Strauss‘ first time tackling the marathon distance. He did all his training with his Wife and said “the training was hard but exciting, it was great to share the experience with my Wife”. He’s going for a nimble time of 3 hours 35 minutes and says the competition’s on with his other half.

Kelly Sotherton and Iwan Thomas both showed their competitive fighting spirit, and Kelly vowed to try to “beat Iwan in a sprint finish on Birdcage Walk”. It’s Kelly’s first Marathon whereas Iwan has the Virgin London Marathon bug, this year it’s his 4th year of taking part and he’s going for his quickest time yet.

Former English Motorcycle Racer James Toseland is nearly up there with the elites. He’s one of the quickest celebrities we spoke tothis year, his ‘dream time’ is sub 3 hours! His current Personal Best is 3 hours 14 minutes so he’s not far off.

Celebs first round interviews

Next up on the stage was TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) Star Amy Childs, Actress Amanda Mealing and BBC News Presenter Mike Bushell.

Amy started training in December and although she didn’t like the early 6am starts, she said she always felt excited and good when she had finished her runs and is really looking forward to Sunday’s race. The finish photo for Amy is going to be one of the most glamorous yet, she’s carrying a pouch with “just a few essentials – lip gloss, jelly babies and a mobile phone”.

Breast Cancer Ambassador Amanda Fleming had a head on car crash last week, but says she’s still fit and ready for the Virgin London Marathon at the weekend. She says it’s “great to see London come together in a positive way”, especially after the tragedy of Boston Marathon.

For Mike Bushell you’d think the London Marathon would seem a breeze compared to the extreme sports he ‘tests’ for the BBC but he says he’s “very excited” and “looking forward to the one event in the World when mere mortals can run in the same race as the elites”.

Celebs second round interviews

All the celebrities were united in sending their condolences to the Boston Marathon and they’ll all be parading their black ribbons to show their support on Race Day.

Good luck to all of the celebs and good luck spotting them, let us know if you see one.

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