Raise Mo’ money with inspiration from the British contenders


As photo calls go that was the most hectic of the week so far, but we always knew it would be with a certain special guest present – Mo Farah. Lining up alongside our British hopefuls Scott Overall and Amy Whitehead, Mo was in very good spirits, he even joked that being surrounded by photographers was “like being at a football match”.

After the exciting photo shoot it was time to ask questions in the press conference. The room was packed wall to wall with cameramen and journalists all eager to hear from the British stars.

We started with an excitable Mo who’s looking forward to testing the London Marathon course in anticipation for taking on the distance in the future. And when asked what he’ll do when he drops out at half way his response was “come back in and finish watching it on TV”.

Finishing first Brit is top of Scott Overall’s agenda. He says after training with Mo and spending the winter in Iten, Kenya he feels in good shape but doesn’t want to commit to a predicted time.

“Hazardous Amy”, nicknamed as she’s so clumsy and still has ‘baby brain’, didn’t mind revealing her target time. Currently her personal best is 2.33.44 from the Manchester Marathon but she’s gunning for sub 2.31 (World Championship qualifying time) and says that anything over that and she’d be disappointed. And with all her family coming to London to watch her in what she calls the “best marathon in the world for atmosphere” she’s hoping to impress.

Mo was asked if he suffers from ‘Baby Brain’ too, to which his response was, “no, I really enjoy having a young family and love being a parent. The only drawback is I get less time on Fifa!”

The streets of London are sure to be packed during Sunday’s race, cheering on all our British Contenders and Mo, so make the most of the “best marathon atmosphere in the world” to get you to the finish line. And don’t forget to hassle your friends and family for donations once you’ve completed your personal challenge.

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