We’re sponsoring this years Mind Media Awards!

Mind Media Awards sponsored by Virgin Money Giving

We launched our not-for-profit fundraising website through Virgin Money’s ambition to make everyone better off and the Mind Media Awards also exist to help make everyone better off. Highlighting the fact that people in the media industry, and further afield, have the power not just to change attitudes, but also to change lives for the better by educating and informing others about mental health issues, and therefore reducing the stigma that still unfortunately surrounds them.

We’ve been Mind’s official on-line fundraising partner for four years and in that time we have seen them increase fundraising for mental health matters. This year’s awards short-list demonstrates their message is definitely getting out.

The media isn’t shying away from what can be a difficult and sensitive subject. Instead, over the past year we have seen an array of entertaining and informative shows cross our screens. Not only have these tackled the subject head on, challenging stigma and prejudice along the way but it has been refreshing to see much of this done in an accessible, engaging and sometimes humorous way.

Much of that evolution in the media has been thanks to Mind’s tireless work out in the community, and Virgin Money Giving helps to celebrate such work, sharing best practice for the benefit of charities all over the UK as well as those they are fundraising for and their families and loved ones.

Mental health issues have far reaching effects and for 20 years, Mind has marked the positive work being done by the UK’s media to highlight and help minimise those effects for the benefit of all. We are proud and delighted to be part of it.

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