A gigantic challenge

Emma Connelly

Most people celebrate their 21st birthdays in a fairly traditional style with a night out of a party. Emma Connelly, however, will no doubt be taking her birthday celebrations fairly easily as she plans to undertake a fundraising challenge the next day. And not just any fundraising challenge. She will be taking on a fundraiser so big – in fact – that it’s one of the largest of its type in the world.  On the 15th January, Emma will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

Emma is climbing the Lemosho Route to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa, to raise money for The EllenorLions Hospices. Thanks to the EllenorLions Hospices, Emma’s dad was able to stay at home with his family in the final months before he died in 2000. Emma will be hoping to raise a large amount of money for the service which Emma says “care for hundreds of people, young and old, every single day” so as well as the trek, she will be holding other fundraisers such as raffles and cake sales.

The temperature at Mount Kilimanjaro ranges from 35 degrees to minus 20 degrees at the summit and is made up of deserts, forests, moorlands and rain forests, Emma points out that it will be “like walking from the equator to the arctic pole in a matter of days”.

To support Emma in her giant challenge, visit her Virgin Money Giving page.

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