Eve’s Fancy Year


As fundraising challenges go, Eve Hazelton may have chosen the most colourful, most unique and wonderful one imaginable. Eve began her challenge by donating all of her clothes to Rowcroft. Now, any challenge that starts with someone donating all of their clothes to charity is going to be interesting. But what did Eve intend to wear instead, we hear you ask? Eve Hazelton will be spending a whole year in fancy dress to raise money for CoppaFeel!.

On 1 July, Eve left her house dressed as a pirate and will go through 365 outfits before completing her challenge next year. Eve was inspired to fundraise for CoppaFeel! after watching ‘Dying to Live’, a BBC documentary about 23-year-old Kris and her discovery that she was suffering from stage 4 breast and spine cancer. Kris, and her twin sister Maren, started the charity after Kris’s diagnosis to raise awareness of breast cancer in young people. The charity talks in a relatable language and is open and forthcoming as well as light-hearted, even offering reminders in the shape of Boob-o-Grams!

Once Eve had the idea, it would not leave her alone. Describing her own challenge, Eve says, “Food shopping, going to the Gym, attending friends weddings, going to work, going out for romantic meals, going to the cinema, the beach, out for coffee, to the hairdressers.. All in fancy dress!”. When fancy dress experts Smiffy’s heard about Eve’s challenge, they had to get involved and generously provided Eve with 365 fancy dress costumes. Over the course of the year, Eve will be a shark, Katy Perry, a nurse, a Twister board and is particularly looking forward to dressing up as the Honey Monster on a cold day.

Eve says “I’m going to get laughed at, probably denied access from certain places, have to explain why I look like such a weirdo on a daily basis, but I don’t care! It’s a great cause, and even if I just make one person more aware of the work, and therefore the message behind CoppaFeel! I will be super happy

To support Eve in her fantastic challenge and to donate to CoppaFeel!, you can visit Eve’s Virgin Money Giving page.

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