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In July, we brought you one of the most unique fundraising challenges we’ve ever encountered when Eve Hazelton told us that she had given all of her clothes to Rowcroft and decided to wear fancy dress every single day for a year. Well this week, Eve celebrated 100 days in fancy dress so we thought we would catch up with her and see how her very colourful challenge is going.

As with any challenges, Eve’s has certainly come with its peaks and troughs. She has found herself travelling to several foreign destinations and has been on film shoots with her job, all of which proved interesting in fancy dress. She also found herself at her friend’s wedding in full 1950s vintage attire. The down days in Eve’s challenge are quite unique, Eve tells us how she was ill recently and “wanted nothing more than to be snuggled in bed in [her] PJs“, but even her pyjamas had been donated to charity, so Eve had to find her most comfortable fancy dress outfit and get into bed in that instead!
Eve has even started taking fancy dress requests, with donations coming as large as £250 to have her dress in a particular costume. So if you have a particular character you’d like to see Eve take on, head on over to her Twitter.
Eve tells us “On day 100, I challenged followers on Facebook to see if we could raise a daily amount of £100. 27 people donated that day and raised over the £100, which was an incredible feeling! I have to raise at least £52 a day to stay on track to my £20,000 target, so doubling it that day was brilliant.
Eve also tells us that people have been really getting involved with her fundraising. “There have been fancy dress coffee mornings, fancy dress parties being arrange throughout the year, a friend got in touch and said her class were planning on doing a fancy dress day to help raise money, and a lady donated £15 from her kids who made and sold loom bands and wanted the money to go to a good charity. It is so lovely that people feel strongly enough to get involved. That’s what its all about at the end of the day, raising awareness for CoppaFeel! and of course raising loads of cash!

To hear more about what Eve was inspired to fundraise for CoppaFeel!, visit our previous blog and to support Eve in her fantastic challenge and to donate to CoppaFeel!, you can visit her Virgin Money Giving page.

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