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2015 saw the launch of Virgin Money Giving’s “Someone Special” fundraiser functionality, whereby numerous fundraisers can open pages in honour of someone special, whether that be to celebrate a person’s recovery, to support someone by raising money for a cause important to them, or to fundraise in someone special’s memory.

Today is #FundraiserFriday and we have a special guest blog from Jean Gross on why it’s so important to hit the £15,000 Virgin Money fundraising target for the charity Street Child.

“My daughter Kate Gross died on Christmas Day at the age of 36, ten minutes before her five year old twin sons Oscar and Isaac woke to ask if they could open their stockings. She’d been diagnosed with advanced colon cancer two years before.

I wrote about her death in an article in the Guardian that has now, amazingly, been viewed by more than a million people.

After someone you love dies, you search for meaning. A friend of mine said, when her partner died ‘I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find any’. She’s right – you can’t always find meaning. But what you can do is make meaning. And that is what we are doing by trying to raise funds for the charity Street Child.

As a small child, Kate became quite worried about the possibility of losing parents. ‘Is she a ‘norphan’, Mummy?’ she would ask, a question shaped by favourite books (The Little Princess, Ballet Shoes, The Secret Garden) and Disney movies (Bambi, Snow White). When first diagnosed with cancer, she wrote a blog post about her fear that her children too might end up as ‘norphans’.

They haven’t, and there is no reason why they should. They have a lovely Dad. But other children are less fortunate.  When Kate died, she asked for donations in her memory instead of flowers at her funeral, to be made to her favourite charity, Street Child.  The charity supports children in Sierra Leone, where Kate herself had worked, and it has much to do with ’norphans’. A few weeks ago we had an email from them, saying that they are planning to open new starter schools in rural areas once the Ebola epidemic is over, and wondering if they might name one after Kate. One day, we hope that Oscar and Isaac will visit that school.

Our target is to raise £15,000 for Kate’s school. We are getting there. Please donate today to help us build a future for these children.”

You can find out more about the Someone Special functionality on our website.

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