Luke will have a #DreamMarathon

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On this #FundraiserFriday we’re are delighted to introduce our fifth Dream Marathon winner, Luke! Luke has won a dream Virgin Money London Marathon experience, including £100 of Adidas kit, two nights in Central London, upgrade to the Green Start and entry to Virgin Money’s after-party.

We asked Luke what made him choose the Virgin Money London Marathon, he told us “I ran the London Marathon back in 2010 and it hurt, a lot! Mainly due to the fact that I underestimated just how tough it would be. Around that time I was really getting into my long distance running having already run four half marathons, completing each of them in a time of under 2 hours. Keen to seek out the next challenge I applied to run in the London Marathon and I got in. I thought I had enough in the bag from the halfs that I had completed. I was wrong. I completed the course (just) but felt like I had unfinished business. I knew that if I was ever fortunate enough to get the chance to run London again, I would treat it with the respect it deserves and truly commit to a training programme. Training this time round has gone so much better than last and I cannot wait to line up at the start and get going.

Luke won our #DreamMarathon competition, which is entered by receiving a donation on your Virgin Money Giving page. The money that Luke raises through running the marathon is going to SUNS (Service User Network Swindon). Luke saysI get to run for a cause that is very close to my heart. SUNS are a local charity who provide essential support to those who suffer with mental health issues. They rely solely on donations from members of the public to do what they do and so I know that every penny I raise in running London will make such a big difference.

When we asked Luke what keeps him going and what he’s looking forward to, he told us, “The generosity of those who donate and a decent set of tunes on my iPod (although I’m not sure that my daughter would agree that my choice in music is any good!) I’m looking forward to eating, loads! Probably pie, chips & gravy J And of course celebrating with family & friends.

You can support Luke via his Virgin Money Giving page.

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  1. 1 Margaret O'Sullivan March 17, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    All of us at (SUNS) Service User Network Swindon will all be cheering you on Luke !!

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