Our final #DreamMarathon winner


On this #FundraiserFriday we’re are delighted to introduce our seventh and final Dream Marathon winner, Manny. Manny has won a dream Virgin Money London Marathon experience, including £100 of Adidas kit, two nights in Central London, upgrade to the Green Start and entry to Virgin Money’s after-party.

Manny was, in his words, “gobsmacked” to win the prize. He told us “I’ve never ‘won’ anything in my life, so this is not only a real surprise, but a once-in-a-lifetime milestone“.

Manny is running the Virgin Money London Marathon for the charity MACS, the Micro and Anophthalmic Children’s Society, which is the UK’s national charity for children born without eyes or with underdeveloped eyes. They support families of children born with Microphthalmia (small eyes), Anophthalmia (no eyes) and/or Coloboma (cleft of the eye) and their services are accessed by around 500 families around the UK and some from further away.

Manny tells us that he chose MACS after he “fell in love with their simple, honest, caring approach to helping children with microphthalmia and anopthalmia“, something which he’d never previous heard of. He went on “I’m always keen on small charities that put their heart and soul towards selflessly helping others. MACS is a tiny charity, but no less deserving of our support – in fact, I fear smaller charities sometimes get overlooked. Other than being short-sighted, I struggle to comprehend how difficult these children’s lives, and those of their families, friends and carers go through, so I feel privileged to give something back.” Manny also said that running for MACS is what will help him push past the wall at mile 23.. That and “the look of relief from my wife, and a Belgian raspberry beer“.

About the Virgin Money London Marathon, he says “I’ve watched it year-on-year, impressed by the scale and organisation and have often thought ‘I should do that!

Manny’s final word was to wish the best of luck and success to all participants and helpers on the day and then to tell us what he’s looking forward to post-Marathon: “Being able to look my wife straight in the eye and say ” Can you, please, mow the lawn this afternoon?”

You can support Manny in his fundraising efforts via his Virgin Money Giving page.

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