#RideLondon fundraising hero: #RidewithGraham – A story of friendship

Team Graham final

In 2012, Graham Naylor was caught in a massive avalanche while snowboarding. Buried for 30 minutes, he suffered a cardiac arrest and slipped into a coma for 10 days.

This week’s #RideLondon Fundraising Hero feature tells the amazing story of friendship. Six friends, Christopher Ribet, David Boa, Lyndon Rutherford, Chris Murdoch and Rohan Wadham will cycle 100 miles on 2nd August to fundraise for a small charity that is helping rehabilitate their friend Graham as he struggles with Lance-Adams syndrome and a severe hypoxic brain injury sustained during his snowboarding accident 3 years ago.

Graham’s friends tell us a bit more: “Lance-Adams syndrome affects a person’s ability to do most of the things we all take granted, most notably in Graham’s case his ability to walk and talk. He is 2 years into his rehabilitation and progress has been amazing. Graham is a fighter and in the two years since has come a long way, but he still has a long way to go.

Luckily Graham has progressed, he now receives very little in the way of rehabilitation from the NHS. This means that he is reliant on a number of charities including Ability Bow to help him continue his recovery.

Ability Bow, an East London based charity, provide access to specialist gym equipment to support Graham and maintain his physical well-being on his journey to full recovery. They rely on charitable donations to continue their amazing work and without them, Graham and others like him would not receive the care and assistance they need to lead a better quality of life.”

Not content with the 100 mile ride, Team Graham decided to do all they can to fundraise as much as possible for Graham and people like him, by building a visual campaign to tell the public about Graham’s story and how Ability Bow have helped him. The team add “Fortunately we all work in the creative industry, so we pooled resources to create playfully branded social media pages and an engaging short film that shared Graham’s story succinctly. This was all channeled together through our chosen hashtag #RidewithGraham.

They know that charities like Ability Bow have made all the difference to their friends recovery. “Without them, Graham and others like him would not receive the care and assistance they need and would not be able to lead the quality of life they do.”

You can support Team Graham on their Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 via their Virgin Money Giving page.

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And if you already have a fundraising page, you can find tips to raise more making the most of Social Media.

2 Responses to “#RideLondon fundraising hero: #RidewithGraham – A story of friendship”

  1. 1 Hazel July 16, 2015 at 4:35 pm

    What a wonderful and heart warming story .

  2. 2 cynthia k smythe in Bedford August 2, 2015 at 11:16 pm

    Absolutely awesome to know that so much positive energy is helping a friend in need….you are such an inspiration…thoroughly well done to the team with this brilliant project!!

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