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We’ve been watching Patrick Ness’s fundraising page for a few days and it’s incredible the amount of money that’s been raised in such a short period of time.

Patrick originally offered to match £10,000 of donations made to the page, with many others then joining in and offering to do the same. At the time we publish this post, £514,670 + Gift Aid has been raised in online donations for Save the Children in support of the refugee crisis.

We caught up with Patrick to ask him why he chose to set up his page and what motivated him to start this fundraising campaign:

“I’d been feeling upset about the refugee crisis for a while, especially at the UK government’s response, which I consider morally feeble. With the picture of Aylan Kurdi, I just didn’t feel like Tweeting my anger was ever going to be near enough.

On the spur of the moment, I set up the Virgin Money Giving page with simplest parameters and offered to my Twitter followers to match up to £10,000. In just over two days, we’ve crossed £500,000.


Other authors joined in to match funds, people from everywhere have been donating £1 to £20,000. It’s astonishing, and I think testament to how many people want to help, how many people feel moved but helpless and want to be able to do something. I just happened to get angry at the luckiest moment possible.”

Tanya Steele, Executive Director of Marketing, Fundraising and Communications at Save the Children said:

“It is absolutely mind blowing what social media can do. This shows that it takes just one person to have a kind and generous idea that inspires so many others. Patrick’s idea has snowballed with more and more people across the globe getting involved – and it shows no sign of slowing down!

“The incredible amount that Patrick’s crowdfunder has raised so far will have a huge impact on our efforts to help refugee children.

Save the Children works along the whole route that refugees take as well as in the countries they are fleeing – countries like Syria, where brutal war has ripped apart the lives of millions. We are giving food and shelter to families who are on the move and sleeping rough, as well as helping unaccompanied children to access services and understand their rights, and ensuring they have care and support.”

Patrick’s page is still open and accepting donations:

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