Know what you’re aiming for with a fundraising target

It’s always good to know what you’re aiming for. Knowing how far off your goal you are can helFundraising targetp give you that extra push, whether it’s how far to the finish line at a marathon, the number of days to go before a big event or how much more you need to raise to hit your fundraising target.

With some challenges, you’ll be given a fundraising target to aim for. However studies show that even if you aren’t given a target, coming up with one yourself can really give your fundraising a boost!

Setting a target on your fundraising page lets your supporters know what you’re aiming for, and it may even influence how much they donate. If you set a higher target, and explain your reasons for this target on your page, your supporters may be motivated to donate a little more.

Why not get the ball rolling by putting the first donation on yourself? It gets you that one step closer to your fundraising target, but also shows your supporter how much you believe in your cause.

You’ll easily be able to see how you’re doing against your target, as you’ll see the Virgin Money Giving thermometer rise on your page, like the one to the right.

You can update the target on your page at any time, just sign into your account and edit your page, by following these steps:

  1. Sign into your Virgin Money Giving account and go to ‘update my page’. (If you have more than one fundraising page, click on the one you’d like to update.)
  2. Choose the ‘amend fundraising page’ link.
  3. You can now update any of the content on your page. On the ‘running total’ panel on the right, you can update your fundraising target as well as the amount you have raised offline.
  4. Once you’re done, click ‘save’, and your page will be updated.

If you take Virgin Money London Marathon runners as an example, more and more of them are setting fundraising targets [see below] and in 2015, runners who set targets fundraising through Virgin Money Giving raised on average £500 more than those who didn’t!

Setting a target over the years

Remember to push yourself when you set your target – you’ll be surprised how much you can raise when you know what you’re aiming for.

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