#fundraiserfriday: Channon’s story


Today is #fundraiserfriday and we’re delighted to bring you a guest blog from Channon Titley. Channon battled with an Anorexia Nervosa for around six years, during which time her life was in severe danger. Thanks to the support of her family and the charity Beat, Channon is now in a position where she is participating in several runs throughout the year to return the support that Beat gave her.

Channon’s story

“When I was just 13 years old I was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. At my lowest point, my weight had plummeted to a dangerous level and I was told that if they didn’t get me to a hospital that I would be at great risk of death. I had an irregular heart beat and my blood pressure became dangerously low meaning that I was constantly fainting/feeling faint. I had Osteopenia and and my ovaries had shrunk due to not having any periods, I was told there was a great risk I may be infertile as I grew older.

My battle with Anorexia went on for around 6 years where I would have relapses and go back to old habits. I was in and out of hospitals, inpatient units, day clinics etc and fed via nasogastric tube when I gave up on the battle completely. Times got so dark I honestly couldn’t see a way out and it felt like a drug, sucking the life out of me. I couldn’t see anything but Anorexia and it had me stuck in the depths of its grip.

When I was first admitted to hospital my Mum stayed by my bed side day and night for over a month, washing me, holding my hand, reading to me and trying to bring back that smile that she loved so dearly until a bed finally became free in the special inpatient hospital. My parents were my rock throughout everything and I would like to thank the charity Beat for all the help they gave me and my family throughout this dark time. There needs to be more awareness of young people with eating disorders because I believe if you catch the signs and symptoms early enough it can and will be beaten.”


Beat is the UK’s largest national charity supporting people affected by eating disorders, their family members and friends, and campaigning on their behalf. Beat provides Helplines and online message boards, information and support groups.

We aim to increase knowledge, awareness and understanding of eating disorders; to provide support, help and information to people directly affected; and to increase the understanding and skills of professional staff.

You can help

Channon ended by explaining why she chose the picture of her and her father.

“I lost my dad in July of this year just before his 50th birthday. He is the greatest, kindest and most heroic man I have ever know and without him not only would I not have raised half as much money as what I have but I may not be here today. He helped me become the woman that I am and I owe so much to him.”

You can support Channon and Beat by donating to her Virgin Money Giving page.

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