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There are all sorts of events that spark people’s decision to take on a big fundraising challenge and for Sue Rees, it was a milestone birthday. Her story of overcoming her obstacles to fundraise for an important challenge is today’s #fundraiserfriday story.

Sue’s story

“I am turning another age milestone this year (the big 40!) and in a moment of madness, or in the middle of a mid life crisis, I have decided I want to channel all my energy into challenging myself to something I never thought possible, whilst giving something back to a charity very close to my heart.

“Two of my previous milestone birthday years have been taunted with injury and operations. Aged 18, a car accident left me in hospital for 3 months with multiple broken bones and internal injuries. Aged 30, I was facing an operation on my spine, which had deteriorated to the point two of my discs were crushing my spinal cord so badly that even a few 100 yards walking was excruciatingly painful.

Birthday challenge

“Approaching 40, I decided I wanted to make sure I challenge myself in a different way. Not to get better, recover from injury and operations, but to challenge myself to do something I never thought possible and as such I have signed up to both the 2015 Nottingham Half Marathon and the 2016 London Marathon which I am going to be running not only as a personal challenge to myself, but to raise as much money as I can for Spinal Research.

“I know how lucky I am, I know that I could’ve had a very different outcome when I was involved in the car accident. I broke my pelvis alongside my spine – I remember asking if I would walk again.

“Running a marathon has always been something other people do. Fit people who haven’t had their bodies broken along the way, people who aren’t me. People I am envious of.  I appreciate every step I am able to make and it will mean the world to me to raise money for a charity working so hard to ensure that those who haven’t been so lucky as me, may one day get another chance to walk again.

Spinal Research

Spinal Research is the UK’s leading charity funding medical research around the world to develop reliable treatments for paralysis caused by a broken back or neck.

Every year, 1,000 people in the UK and Ireland are paralysed following an injury to their spinal cord. Spinal Research raises money to fund research into clinical treatments as well as vital basic science research. Thanks to such pioneering research, paralysis can now be treated and we stand on the brink of applying therapies that will restore movement and feeling and transform the lives of paralysed people.

How you can help

You can support Sue through her challenges by donating to her fundraising page, or if Sue’s story touched you, you can open a page and fundraise for Spinal Research.


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