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There’s been greater scrutiny from HMRC recently in relation to claims for Gift Aid. We want to reassure you that we work closely with the HMRC to make sure we process gift aid correctly on behalf of our members and part of this is having a robust process to accurately assess claims before we pay you. We do this free of charge and give you 100% of the gift aid we claim on your behalf.

Here’s some more detail on how our process works and what we do.  Hopefully you’ll find it helpful to know more about the controls we have in place to get this right for you.

How Gift Aid reclaims work at Virgin Money Giving

  • It’s simple and straight forward. At all times in the process, you will know how much Gift Aid you’ll be receiving. We don’t promise an amount of money until we know that’s what will be paid.
  • We reclaim Gift Aid for free, and we pass it on in full to all of our member charities.
  • We tell your charity which donations have a Gift Aid declaration but we don’t confirm the amount actually received until the claim has been fully processed by the HMRC.
  • We have separate reports for charities to help reconcile Gift Aid payments and which donors the payment relates to.
  • We carefully check donations, the details associated with them, and the declaration that’s been made by the donor to reduce the likelihood of rejected Gift Aid claims from the HMRC. These controls are performed monthly prior to any Gift Aid submission.
  • The claim is submitted around day 20 for the previous month, e.g. 25th Feb for the period 6th Jan to 5th Feb.
  • The HMRC normally settle 90% – 95% of the claim within 2 weeks, with the majority of the remainder settled over the next 4 weeks.

We’re committed to making sure we claim Gift Aid accurately and swiftly for you. This is all part of your membership benefits with Virgin Money Giving. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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