Charity Spotlight week: Captain Beany

captain beany for blog

The extremes some of our fundraisers go to in support of their charity is quite incredible! Captain Beany – who was born Barry Kirk but changed his name by deed poll – is known for his extremely eccentric approach to fundraising.

No fundraising is too wacky

Never one for the expected, Captain Beany has not only officially changed his name and broken a World Record by pushing a tin of baked beans for a mile using only his nose and  but he now has baked beans tattooed… all over his head! Watch his video below to see just what that looks like.

Over his time as a fundraiser, Captain Beany and his generous donors have raised in excess of £100,000 for various charities. So if you’re not a runner or a cyclist don’t let that make you think you’re not a fundraiser! There are all sorts of weird and wacky things you can do to raise that all important cash for your chosen charity.

Your wacky fundraising

Have an idea for a fundraising challenge? Open a Virgin Money Givin page for your chosen charity today!

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