Charity Spotlight week: 5 top tips on what makes a good fundraising page?

good page

1. Share your challenge

If you’re taking on a challenge, you should be shouting it from the rooftops. Whether you’re sitting in a cold bath of baked beans, baking cakes until your fingers ache, jumping from the terrifying heights of a plane or running 26.2 miles, make sure that your friends, family and colleagues know exactly how much effort you’re going through to raise money for your chosen charity.  Martin Phillips explains exactly what he’s missing out on to take on his fundraising challenge.

2. Set a target

This one is simple: our research has shown that people who set a target on their page raise more than people who don’t. So stick a target on your page, whether it’s a target
hundred quid or a five figure sum, it will give you something to aim for and could even sway your donors to give a little bit extra to help you get there. Natalie Turner has smashed her target with more than 7 weeks to go!

3. Tell your story

It always helps to ensure that anyone who reads your fundraising page knows exactly why you’re fundraising. It gives your page a much more personal feel if you can get across the reasons you want to help your chosen charity or charities and donors are more likely to identify with what you’re doing. Mike Hatton’s page explains well why he is taking part in his challenge and Channon Titley gave a great example of how telling a story can give your page a personal feel.

4. Make it look good

Making sure your fundraising page is easy on the eye is always a good way of keeping people’s attention when they land on your page. Make sure you add a picture and you can always go the extra mile like Anish Modgil did by adding lots of colour to his page or like little Riley who has lots of pictures to illustrate his challenge.

5. Bring it back to the charity

The charity is the reason you’re taking on your challenge, whatever it may be, so don’t forget to remind people of this on your page. Let your donors know the incredible work that the charity does and, if possible, let them know what the money you raise will mean for the charity, David Johns and Big Boys Do Cry did.

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