Soggy bottoms and fundraising


It’s the most British thing since someone paired toasted tea cakes with a cup of tea; the Great British Bake Off is back on our screens once again and making us feel slightly bad about our TV dinners.

But why not use the show to help with your fundraising? Go full Mary Berry and take on some of our Bake Off-inspired fundraising ideas.

Who will be master baker?

One way that’s sure to get the competitive icing flowing is to set your friends or colleagues a baking competition, but this one comes with a twist. Request that everyone brings in their speciality baked goods and instead of simply rating the cakes, encourage the rest of the office to pay what they think each baked delicacy deserves – the winner is the offering that raises the most money.

Set up a Virgin Money Giving page and ask people to write in their comment which cake they bought – then add up the total for each cake and crown your Office Bake Off winner!

Time trial baking

Not everybody has time to bake at home but there are various in-work options to get colleagues into the Bake Off spirit.

We reckon that even Selasi would lose his chill if you suggested pulling out the flour and eggs in the office, but how about an against-the-clock icing competition?

Set up a Virgin Money Giving page and ask competitors for a donation to enter, then grab a few plain sponge cakes, some icing tubes and some decorative bits and set your friends or colleagues a time limit in which to decorate their cake to the best of their ability. All you need is a small prize for the winner and you can then sell the cakes per slice once the winner has been crowned – all for donations to your fundraising page.

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