Yo ho ho and a whole lot of fundraising


We know our fundraisers like to do weird and wacky things. We’ve seen people wear fancy dress for a year and even change their name to Captain Beany by deed poll; we know our fundraisers are always up for acting a bit silly.

So when we discovered that 19 September was national Talk Like a Pirate Day – we knew our fundraisers would be ready to say “arr me hearties” to some pirate themed fundraising.

Talk like a pirate

We’ve heard of sponsored silences but how about a full day of talking like a pirate? Ask your crew mates to pop some pieces of eight on your Virgin Money Giving page if you manage to keep the Long John Silver accent up all day. And of course, if you don’t quite manage it, its your friends’ job to come up with a forfeit…

Remember to check with your boss before you start calling people scurvy dogs on conference calls!

X marks the spot..

A pirate isn’t a pirate if they’ve never found buried treasure so prove you’re skull-and-cross-bone worthy by setting up a treasure hunt around your home, your town or your office.

Bury the treasure (or hide it in a cupboard!), ask your fellow treasure-hunters to make a donation to your Virgin Money Giving page in return for a list of clues and it’s time to set sail on your very own scavenger hunt. This can be customised in all sorts of different ways – just make sure there is no trespassing involved or else! We all know what a pirate ship’s plank is there for…

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