#charitytuesday: Turning 5,123 offences of abuse into 5,123 smiles


There were 5,123 offences of sexual abuse and cruelty against Scotland’s children last year. This is why the charity Children 1st have created the Create a Smile campaign; to raise awareness of this shocking statistic and hopefully help to reduce this statistic in coming years.

All you need to do is visit the Create a Smile website and select your unique smile to show your support – it only takes a minute – and you can then share it on your social media accounts to encourage others to get involved.


Alison Todd from Children 1st says;

“Children 1st has been working for over 130 years in Scotland to make sure that we do all we can to protect children and prevent abuse and neglect from happening. When the worst happens, we know that with our help and support, children can recover and go on to have happy healthy lives.”

To sign up and show your support, visit the Create a Smile website. It really does take seconds and don’t forget to SHARE the smile you create!

You can also donate to Children 1st to help support the amazing work they do or you can start your own fundraising for this amazing charity.

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