Fundraising with a side of caffeine


This Saturday marks one of the important days of the year for caffeine lovers across the world. The 1st of October is none other than International Coffee Day.

Be your own barista

How many times a day do you see a colleague holding a paper cup from your local coffee shop? Why not become your work’s barista for a day? Grab a selection of coffees and maybe a couple of syrups, ask your colleagues to ditch the brands and instead, place their orders with you by donating to your Virgin Money Giving page and detailing their coffee choice in the comment. Then you make the coffee and deliver it to their desk. You could even ask a couple of friends to help if you work in a big office or have particularly thirsty colleagues!

Coffee club

Why not ditch the traditional cheese and wine tasting and host your own coffee tasting? You could run a little competition to challenge your friends or colleagues to guess which coffee is which, or where the beans are from. Just ask them to enter the taste testing trial by donating to your Virgin Money Giving page and you decide how it works – you could even do it like a book club with everyone bringing along their favourite coffee!

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