Royal Parks: Make Every Mile Count

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This weekend will see 16,000 people run through the beautiful Royal Parks of London at the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon. If you’re competing, you’ll want to make every mile count when it comes to your fundraising.

“Dyeing” to race

If you’re feeling brave (or very showbiz), why not auction off among your friends and colleagues the chance to dye your hair – or beard should you have one – for the big race? Do a chart offering a range of shades you’d be willing to wear for the race – perhaps making pink or purple being the most expensive – and the highest bidder wins. Just ask them to make a donation to your fundraising page in return.

Dress to impress

Should you be a sports fan – you could offer to wear your rival sports team’s shirt if you raise up to a certain amount? That should get some of your “friends” donating! Or even add some added fancy dress in return for extra quids on your fundraising page.

Boosting your fundraising

If you try either of the above, or have your own idea, why not let us know in the comments section below?

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