#charitytuesday: Getting muddy for charity


Last week, some of the Virgin Money Giving team took on the Spartan Race in Windsor, getting down and dirty for Heads Together and Diabetes UK.

If you’re looking for a new physical challenge to push your limits – regardless of personal fitness – Spartan Race is the one for you. The race is about more than just running through mud, but a whole range of obstacles and even weight carrying too.

Our Spartan Race

To help get us psyched for the race, our Spartan leader, in full Spartan garb, yelled ‘What is your profession?!’ With morale running high, we all roared: ‘I am a Spartan!’ From there we sped off, jumping over ditches and climbing over logs and the first high walls.

As the race went on, the harder the challenges became; carefully balancing two logs whilst walking the plank, hoisting kettlebells and carrying even heavier logs over our shoulders. Our mission was set. After a quick rest, water and energy gels provided by SiS, we embarked for the muddiest and darkest challenge yet: crawling through old drain pipes and a muddy swamp-like trench, avoiding becoming literally stuck in the mud.

No matter how hard the challenges became, the amazing yellow-t-shirted volunteers were there to help us through, giving us a leg up, or tips on how to tackle the challenges. Finally, we lunged over the fire pit and crossed the finish line, our fastest group members getting past the line in an hour and a half!

We were Spartan survivors and at the end were awarded the highest Spartan honour: the Spartan Race medal.

Your Spartan Race

If this sounds like your kind of challenge, why not find your local Spartan race? You could even go one step further than we did and take on another Spartan option; the ‘Sprint’, ‘Super’ and the ‘Beast’.

You can sponsor the team via their Virgin Money Giving page.


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