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One of the quickest ways to get donations for your fundraising page is by sharing it on social media. However, simply sharing your page isn’t enough. To get the most out of your social networks, have a look at our top tips to get your page to really stand out.

1. Rally your supporters

Share your page on social media and get people talking about it. Make sure to add a photo and a reason why they should care.

2. Message directly

Reach out to your supporters directly about what you’re doing, so you can talk with them rather than at them.

3. Share photos

When you share photos, make it something fun, interesting or heartfelt. Give your supporters a snapshot of what you’re doing.

4. Get the timing right

Think about when your supporters are likely to be online. You might catch them better on evenings or weekends.

5. Go live on Facebook

Film a live video on Facebook to catch your supporters reactions live – film your training, or let you supporters vote i.e. what colour you dye your hair, or your kit.

6. Follow the trends

Make the most of Twitter trends to help spread the word. You could use #motivationmonday or #randomactofkindness.

7. Follow your charity

Find out what your charity is doing to help raise awareness to your supporters; this will give another reason to donate.

8. Get your charity to endorse you

See if your charity will share or retweet your fundraising page to reach your charity’s existing supporters.

9. App it up

Play around with the apps available to track and share your progress like MapMyRun, Snapchat or Instagram.

10. Say thank you

Thank your supporters in your Facebook status, and it will not only make them feel valued, but also remind others to donate.

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