Bring your fundraising to work


At Virgin Money Giving we totally get that pestering your work mates and, even worse, your boss for cash is really hard. But to reach your target it takes more than just hassling everyone around payday – don’t just leave your fundraising at home, bring it to work with you.

To help get you started – check out our fundraising toolkit.

Spread The Word

Instead of just emailing round your colleagues, see if you can raise awareness 24/7. Get a mention on your work community boards, newsletters or intranet as well as including your event on your email signature – that way you’re reminding everybody about your event without opening your mouth. Or why not leave a few carefully placed posters? There are tonnes of ways to spread the word, you just need to get people to notice.

Grab Their Attention

Let your workmates know exactly why this cause really matters to you. The more they can understand why the charity is so important, the more likely they are to donate to your page. Make it memorable by showing photos which illustrate your challenge and the importance of your charity.  Above all, make it personal, and let people in.

Show Where It Goes

Your colleagues are more likely to invest if you can demonstrate exactly how much they are helping. Let them know what they’re ‘buying’ – £7 could buy 100 test tubes in a Tommy’s laboratory and help a scientist trying to find out why some mums go into labour early. Find out what the money can do for your charity. Think about making it relative when you ask – your supporters could give up their Saturday night takeaway, and instead buy test tubes for Tommy’s.

Add the extra details

Think about adding detail to your own fundraising quest. See if you can engage your workmates and get them talking. Could you hold an office auction where people bid for the right to choose what you wear for your event? Or give people the chance to pick what colour you dye your hair for your race day? Make the most of your fundraising page and experiment. You could get people to vote what you do by donating £2 extra to your page, and leaving a comment with their choice.

Get More From Your Workplace

See if your workplace does matched giving, where they match your donations up to a certain amount, or payroll giving, where you can donate directly from your salary on a tax free basis. Any way that they can boost your fundraising total is a plus. You could even see if you have volunteering days – that way you can find out more about your charity and raise awareness for them, even getting your workmates to join you. And while you’re at it, why not present your charity as a potential Charity of the Year?

Get People Involved

Get your workmates involved. If you’ve got a carpark, rent places for donations or offer sponsored car washes. If you’ve got foodies in the office, do a coffee morning or a cake decorating time trial. Or – if you want something quick and easy – organise an office lottery, and split the donations/prize money as you like.

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