Run as fast as you can this Halloween!


Whatever you do, don’t look back. Don’t stop. Run.

With Halloween creeping up on us, there are a few great ways to not only celebrate Halloween and keep up your fitness, but also do a bit of good for charity.

Zombie Run – survival of the fittest

Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? With shows like the Walking Dead, zombies are on the rise, and getting even deadlier, creepier, and if they’re from World War Z, zombies-sseven worse, faster. Now you can run away from them for real at the same time as raising money for your charity.

If you dare, download the Zombies, Run! app on iPhone or Android, and run away from zombies on a 5km, 10km or 20km challenge. For the brave, the app tunes into your real time running, enabling zombies to ‘chase’ you – or at least in your headphones –  causing you to sprint to avoid the hoard when they catch up or else you fail your mission.

This app will not only get you fit, but it will get your adrenaline going as you hear the zombie hoard groaning in your ear. You can either select a story mission, an airdrop to run to in order to collect supplies, or run a specific distance race. Why not challenge friends to see who can complete the challenge fastest?

Just set up your fundraising page and get running. You can get people to donate to choose which mission you do, where you run to if it’s an airdrop, or sponsor you to beat a set time or distance. Get extra donations if you enable zombie chases, and even more if the hoard doesn’t catch you!

If you’re training for the Virgin Money London Marathon next year, this app will not only help you get out the house to train, but it’s also a lot of fun too – just don’t let the zombies catch you!

Fancy being undead instead?

If you’re already one of the hoard, see if you can gather your groaning buddies and set up an organised scare event to fundraise for the living!

Just get the living to donate to enter – and with any luck, they won’t be donating their lives too… Just remember to warn the living that they enter at their own risk.

Either set it up as a track run, or find a local park to play a game of zombie tag. Once you have willing victims (please, no unwilling victims!) to be your runners, chase them until they reach the safe zones. Charge donations to enter the game, and keep going in heats until there’s only one survivor – every time someone is caught, they must join the zombie hoard. Prize goes to the lone survivor – they get to stay with the living and maybe win a treat or two if they’re lucky.

Your ideas

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