Remember remember to fundraise this November


Bonfire night is a great time to start a clean slate in the run up to the New Year. There are lots of ways that holding a bonfire night could raise some money for your chosen charity so set up your Virgin Money Giving page, and see which of our ideas could see you on your way.

Hunt for wood

Before you begin the night, you’ll need some wood for the fire. Why not get sponsored to clean up the garden waste from your friends and family? Put as much as you can in the compost, and any suitable wood or twigs can go towards the bonfire pit. Plus you could use a work volunteering day and clean up a community garden.

Let it go

Go for a clean sweep and let it all go. Give your friends and family little paper notes to write on, and for a donation, write something you’ve been holding on to and chuck it into the fire. Anything you don’t want to bring into the next year. Or if you like, make it a wish.

Light it up

Swap donations for sparklers and write away with light. You could make a competition in teams of who can write the most words, or take the best photo. Make it a game of charades of who can guess the film from the swirls of light, or who can finish the catchphrase from the shining clues.

S’mores for charity

Fancy a tasty treat or two? Then delve into s’mores and get the marshmallows out. Compete to see who can make the best, and swap the goodies for donations to your page. Make them as you like – maybe toffee and banana instead of chocolate, or make mini pizzas with mozzarella and tomato.

Remember don’t burn any household waste, and be mindful of hedgehogs and mice that might be burrowing in your garden!

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