Calling all Mo Bros and Mo Sistas this Movember


If you haven’t seen already, this month the Mos and beards are coming. Movember doesn’t have to involve growing a Mo however, but can also also moving for a mo, to raise awareness of male cancers and mental health. Movember is the time to tell the men in your life, big or small, old or young, that we’ve got their backs.

You can donate to the Movember Foundation today or, if you fancy giving fundraising for Movember a go yourself, set up your fundraising page and read on for our fundraising ideas.

Grow it

First thing’s first, if you don’t have a Mo, take a photo now for your before photo. As soon as you’ve taken it, stop shaving and start growing. Grow it any way you like, let it run wild, or shave it so it grows the way you like. And if you like, compare your before and after pics with your mates, and have a vote off on your fundraising page of who has the best one.

Style it

If you’ve already got a Mo or a beard, Movember can still work for you. Instead of being sponsored to grow one, you can get sponsored to style it. Get your supporters to donate and vote on your page which one to go for. They could vote for colours to dye it (you could use hair dye or mascara), the style you trim it, or even how you accessorise it – have you ever seen a glitter beard? Maybe get festive and wear mini baubles in your beard. Or if you dare, let your mates or family style it for you!

Make it

For the un-hairy of us who can’t grow Mos, why not make your own out of cardboard? Just download some tash stencils for you and your mates, glue some sticks to them and make your own Mo props. You could make it a photobooth style competition of who can make the best tash – while those with Mos could decorate top hats instead. You could cover them in wrapping paper, make them fluffy with cotton wool, or go retro with some diamante beads. Alternatively, stick your Mo on the TV screen, and see who can get the best photo of an actor wearing it.

Move it

Maybe you fancy your fundraising a little less hairy and a little less crafty. How about moving this Movember instead? You can do anything, just as long as it gets you off the sofa and on your feet. Heck, maybe not even your feet! You could do a sponsored handstand, or a Queen’s chairlift dash (where two people interlock their arms and run, whilst carrying the ‘Queen’ who tries their hardest not to fall off). Or make it simple and organise a 5k run – maybe even run with Mo balloons? Whatever you do, get your heart racing and move it for the guys who can’t.

Next steps

You can make a one off donation or regular donations to the Movember Foundation or set up your fundraising page and make a difference today.

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