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#fundraiserfriday: Free Ali Carnegie


At 9:30am on Friday 24 February, Ali Carnegie will be one of twelve people arrested by local police for “diary disasters”. After a brief court appearance, he will be placed in the cells at Devonport Guild Hall where his bail will be set at £999 – every penny of which, if raised, will be donated to the Children’s Hospice South West.

The crime

At Virgin Money Giving, we love new and interesting ways of fundraising so when we saw Ali’s extensive crime sheet, and the manner in which his freedom will be acquired, we had to hear more.

We were informed that recently, Ali had arrived exactly one month early for a networking event and even managed to triple book himself in Plymouth, Exeter and Taunton on the same day; it seems the evidence is mounting.

The plea

Ali has pleaded not guilty to the crimes for which he has been charged, stating that his ‘occasional’ diary blips are, in his words, “completely due to technology (and my wife)”.

Whatever the reason behind Mr Carnegie’s poor diary management, Children’s Hospice South West will no doubt be able to make an amazing difference to the lives of very ill children with the money raised for his bail.

The fundraising challenge

This fantastic fundraising event, run by the Children’s Hospice South West, will culminate in the trial and jailing of the twelve accused on Friday with the hope of raising more than £11,900 for the charity.

You can donate towards Ali’s bail and have a look who else might deserve freeing from jail via the Children’s Hospice South West website.


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