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#fundraiserfriday: From intensive care to the London Marathon

In 2012, Paul suffered a frontal lobe hemorrhage following an unprovoked attack. He will be running the London Marathon in 2017 to raise awareness of brain injury, inspire others and show that after a brain injury, you can still go on and achieve great things!

Paul’s journey

Taking part in this event marks a huge milestone in Paul’s own personal journey, as at the time of the race 5 years ago, he was in intensive care. Back then he never dreamt he would be taking part in the London Marathon!

Paul stated “Nothing could prepare my family and I for the battle of brain recovery. It is a long and challenging journey, which will test every aspect of your life. I know from personal experience that people are left lost, lonely, confused and vulnerable after brain injury. The injury can come with devastating consequences and be life changing for everyone affected. For those reasons, there needs to be somewhere to go, a lifeline, a place to obtain comfort, support, education and inspiration. That’s why I set up the charity PAUL For Brain Recovery.”

The charity

All funds raised by Paul as a result of taking part in the London Marathon will go to PAUL For Brain Recovery. During his own recovery, Paul realised that there was a real lack of community support after being discharged from acute services. Because of this, he founded PAUL For Brain Recovery, which exists to make life easier after brain injury by providing advice and support to empower all affected.

He added “I have walked the difficult path of brain recovery and feel very lucky to have recovered well. It is now my passion to help others that are on the line of despair. That’s why it’s such an honour to be representing the brain injured in this year’s London Marathon.”

How you can help

To keep him going during the marathon, Paul will be thinking of all of the people that the charity is able to help.  A great motivation for him is the positive effect that his efforts will have on those facing a difficult time in their lives. Paul will also draw on his own personal experiences; during the dark days of his recovery, he never thought he would be in a position to be such a positive influence to so many people.

Help support Paul’s amazing journey by donating to his Virgin Money Giving page.

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